Drawing From the Well

Exploring the knowledge of our community to nurture our present and future

Welcome to the Drawing From the Well program. We’re excited to offer you a comprehensive educational program that integrates academic learning, community research, technology skills and creative expression for the benefit of students, teachers and community members.

Essentially, Drawing From The Well teaches students to work cooperatively to collect oral histories and turn the information into radio shows, web sites, publications or exhibitions. In the process, students learn to ask good questions, research a topic, explore new media technologies and become better connected to their community.

The success of this program depends upon the willingness of teachers and students to enter into a new paradigm of learning, a process where students initiate and develop their own interests with the support and facilitation of their teachers. Our fundamental belief is when students are excited about learning, they will have the drive and perseverance to accomplish goals.

We invite you to thumb through this material, pick and choose what suits you or follow the process we have mapped out. The Drawing from the Well curriculum is a successful way of teaching language arts, social studies, bilingual education and communication technologies.

This curriculum was developed for the Museum of New Mexico’s Office of Statewide Programs and Education and with the support of these Community Partners:

  • Peñasco Independent Schools
  • Sangre de Cristo Community and Schools Consortium
  • La Jicarita Enterprise Community
  • New Mexico Commission on Higher Education
  • Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations
  • Northern New Mexico ENLACE
  • Center for Service Learning Opportunities in Education
  • New Mexico Arts
  • Museum of New Mexico Foundation
  • Bread for the Journey
  • Viewpoint Productions

Chapter 1: Digging the Well

Chapter 2: Lowering the Bucket

Chapter 3: Filling the Bucket

Chapter 4: Pulling up the Bucket

Chapter 5: Transporting the Water

Chapter 6: Water as Nourishment


This project is the result of a collaboration between Peñasco Independent Schools, Museum of New Mexico, La Jicarita Enterprise Community, CESDP and Viewpoint Productions. The curriculum was developed and directed by Judy Goldberg, along with Marcia Brenden, Sue Sturtevant and Consuelo Gonzales. The ancillary video component was produced by Viewpoint Productions.