For Students

College Awareness:

  • www.edpartnerships.org
    National Council for Community and Education Partnerships: - This site provides students with access to many college awareness programs that assist them in applying for college.
  • www.collegeboard.com
    College Board - Important information for both students and parents on college entrance exams, scholarships, financial aid, and choosing the right college. Parents can also find helpful tips on how to help their child prepare for college.
  • www.pathwaystocollege.net/collegereadiness/toolbox/resources.asp
    College Readiness for All Toolbox: - Link to many programs that can demystify the college planning process. Special info for parents and students on college readiness.
  • www.ed.gov/thinkcollege/index.html
    U.S. Department of Education - Learn how to start planning early for college and how to finance your college education.
  • www.ed.gov/pubs/GettingReadyCollegeEarly
    Getting Ready for College Early - Follow a step by step process on navigating the road to college.
  • www.ed.gov/programs/gearup/index.html
    U.S. Department of Education - Access the benefits of the GEAR UP program and its main goal in increasing Hispanic attendance in higher education.
  • http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator
    College Navigator - Use the search engine to help sort colleges by location, level of degree seeking, institution type, or degree program.
  • www.nasfaa.org
    Early Awareness - This site provides information on preparing academically and financially for college.
  • Are You Going To College? Know Why. - This resource provides information on reasons why a college education may be right for you. Download Resource [PDF]

College Readiness:

  • www.gocollege.com
    Go College- Tap into links that will help students find money to fund their education and get the most out of their college experience.
  • www.knowhow2Go.com
    Know How to Go: Great bilingual site for learning about requirements that need to be fulfilled at each grade level to help a student get ready for college. It provides information in both English and Spanish.
  • What You Can Do NOW! - A 10th Grade College Prep Guide
    Download Resource [PDF]
  • Personal Essay - Some suggestions to help you prepare your essay.
    Download Resource [PDF]
  • Resume - Tell colleges and scholarship foundations who you are!
    Download Resource [PDF]

Financial Aid Resources:

  • www.nmlottery.com/scholarships Measuring Success in Degrees: Click here for information on who qualifies for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship and the features this aid offers.
  • www.theoldschool.org/applying-for-financial-aid
    Financial Aid Resource Center: Provides information on the various types of financial aid available to students (grants, loans, scholarships.) and lists the requirements for eligibility for each type of aid.
  • http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/FAFSA Allows parents to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online, and allows parents to follow up on the application to see what aid their child qualifies for.
  • http://www.finaid.org FinAid! The SmartStudent guide to Financial Aid: Provides both students and parents information about calculating the financial cost of college. Also links to search for scholarships.
  • www.students.gov/STUGOVWebApp/Public
    Students.gov: Provides information for students on how to pay for college both in the U.S and abroad, and teaches students how to access financial aid records needed to apply for aid available through FAFSA.
  • Money For College - Ever wonder how to pay for college?
    Download Resource [PDF]
  • How to Go Into and Get Out of College Debt Free
    Download Resource [PDF]
  • Financial Aid Publications - A resource listing available titles pertaining to financial aid and how to obtain each title.
    Download Resource [PDF]
  • Financial Aid Videos - A resource listing available videos pertaining to financial aid and how to obtain each video.
    Download Resource [PDF]