For Parents

Dropout Prevention

Every year, close to one third of eighteen year olds do not finish high school. The dropout rates for minority students, students from low-income families, and disabled students are even higher. This is not just a problem affecting certain individuals and schools, it is a community-wide problem that affects everyone. High school dropouts commit about 75 percent of crimes in the United States and are much more likely to be on public assistance than those who complete high school. The cost to the public for these crime and welfare benefits is close to $200 billion annually.
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How do I help my child make good decisions?

Encourage responsibility and independence in your child. As children get older, parents must continue to give them additional responsibilities. By the time your child reaches middle school, he/she should be able to make good decisions about schoolwork, for example. At this point, it is your child's responsibility to keep track of assignments, homework, and test dates.
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Parents—You Can Help Enrich Your Child's Education

If your child is struggling in school or could use enrichment, you may have considered hiring a private tutor. While tutors can provide wonderful support, hiring one is often expensive, and the time spent with your child is limited. In place of a tutor, supplementing your child's education yourself may be just the solution you're looking for.
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For a given career, how much money can one earn?

Listed in the chart below is a sample of careers and associated majors or areas of study, along with the education requirements and average annual salaries that can be earned by individuals in that field:
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