A Survey for Assessing School Level Family and Community Partnerships


This survey is designed to be used by action teams in asessing a school's progress in strengthening partnerships in a school community.  A school may conduct all or some of the practices listed and not every practice is appropriate for all grade levels or school community.  The practices listed indicate that a school is meeting challenges to involve all families in many different ways that will improve a school climate, strengthen families and school staff, and increase student success.

A scoring rubric is used to rate practices within six areas of comprehensive school, family, and community partnership programs. The rubric provides criteria for clear and common understandings among the raters. Additional practices can be added and rated to account for initiatives specific to your school community.

The results provide information on the strength of current practices and areas of need for improvement.  The Toolkit includes six modules that match the survey and provide additional opportunities for assessment, resources, effective practices, research, videos, and professional development specific to that module.