Supporting Decision Making and Advocacy

Supporting Decision Making and Advocacy

The tools and resources in this module support programs that are committed to shared decision making and advocacy. Empowering families to help solve problems, discuss program effectiveness, prioritize spending, spending priorities, and develop policies, sends a powerful message about collaboration, equity and access.

The findings presented by Henderson and Mapp have shown that schools with parents who are involved in decision making and advocacy have higher levels of student achievement and public support. Effective partnerships develop when each partner is respected and empowered to fully participate in the decision-making process.

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The resources/recursos are useful for reflection on practice and for use in sharing with families. Resources that can be used with Spanish speaking families have been translated as Recursos.

Any Toolkit resource can be modified and/or copied by school staff, action teams, parent leaders, family liaisons, and community members and used in newsletters, family workshops and professional development activities, and on a Web site.

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