Increasing Volunteerism

Increasing Volunteerism

The tools and resources included in this module are aimed at improving recruitment, training, and schedules to engage families as volunteers and audiences at the school and other locations to support students and school programs. Increasing volunteerism requires the use of strategies and structures that welcome and value the talents and time of families.

A volunteer is not only someone who comes to school during the school day, but also anyone who supports school goals and children's learning and development in any way, at any place, and at any time.

Additional Worth-a-Clicks

Worth a ClicksWorth a Clicks

Family Support America

This site has various resources to identify and support family strengths, including information on work-family stress, reaching out to fathers, involving incarcerated parents and building on family assets.

PTO Today

PTO Today supports PTA/PTO and other parent organizations with free articles, tips, resources and management tools (available for purchase) to develop and sustain vibrant, equitable family involvement and volunteering in schools.

Project Appleseed

The National Campaign for Public School Improvement. Project Appleseed is helping schools involve parents. This organization has created a list of 37 different ways in which parents can help and is on its way to recruiting 5 million parent volunteers nationwide.

Project Appleseed’s Parent Involvement Pledge

Promising Partnership Practices

This site offers creative ideas for getting parents to school.

Service Leader

This site offers web-based resources and links for school administrators, teachers, parent teacher organizations and other parent volunteers, as well as anyone who coordinates volunteer and community partnership activities with other organizations, including businesses.

Teachers: Action Without Borders

This site offers resources to teachers wishing to promote youth volunteerism, connect classroom with the community, present your students with a research tool, help students turn their ideas into action or use nonprofit resources in the classroom. It also includes information on volunteering as a family and service learning programs.