Increasing Volunteerism

Increasing Volunteerism

The tools and resources included in this module are aimed at improving recruitment, training, and schedules to engage families as volunteers and audiences at the school and other locations to support students and school programs. Increasing volunteerism requires the use of strategies and structures that welcome and value the talents and time of families.

A volunteer is not only someone who comes to school during the school day, but also anyone who supports school goals and children's learning and development in any way, at any place, and at any time.

Self AssessmentSelf Assessment

Use the Teacher Self-Assessment rubric to evaluate your efforts to increase volunteerism within your school community. Think about where you see yourself in the process and strategies you use to support and value parents as critical partners in their children's success.

Use the Teacher Reflection for to plan for improvement, reflect on key elements, and consider where you see yourself and your school currently as well as in the short and long term with respect to increasing volunteerism in your school community.

Use the Family Reflection to engage parents in reflecting on perceptions regarding the school and specific actions that they can take toward improvement.

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