Increasing Volunteerism

Increasing Volunteerism

The tools and resources included in this module are aimed at improving recruitment, training, and schedules to engage families as volunteers and audiences at the school and other locations to support students and school programs. Increasing volunteerism requires the use of strategies and structures that welcome and value the talents and time of families.

A volunteer is not only someone who comes to school during the school day, but also anyone who supports school goals and children's learning and development in any way, at any place, and at any time.

NM Teacher CompetenciesNM Teacher Competencies

The New Mexico 3-Tiered Licensure System provides the framework for documenting teacher qualifications. In collaboration with the principal or designated administrator, New Mexico teachers are required to develop and maintain Professional Development Plans (PDPs) based on nine teacher competencies and accompanying differentiated indicators for their respective level of licensure (Level I, II or III).

This module, Increasing Volunteerism, addresses New Mexico Teacher Competencies 2, 4, and 9. The competencies and relevant differentiated indicators for Master Teacher – Level III are listed below. For more information and a complete listing of competencies and differentiated indicators visit Teach NM: Career Resources for New Mexico School Teachers and Administrators.

  • Competency 2: The teacher appropriately utilizes a variety of teaching methods and resources for each area taught.
    Relevant Master Teacher – Level III Differentiated Indicators:
  • C. Demonstrates effective integration of a variety of resources and learning experiences into the curriculum.

  • Competency 4 : The teacher comprehends the principles of student growth, development and learning, and applies them appropriately.
    Relevant Master Teacher – Level III Differentiated Indicators:
  • D. Integrates community resources, service agencies, other school personnel, parents and community members into the curriculum.

  • Competency 9: The teacher works productively with colleagues, parents and community members.
    Relevant Master Teacher - Level III Differentiated Indicators:
  • D. Engages parents and community members productively in the work of the school.