Increasing Volunteerism

Increasing Volunteerism

The tools and resources included in this module are aimed at improving recruitment, training, and schedules to engage families as volunteers and audiences at the school and other locations to support students and school programs. Increasing volunteerism requires the use of strategies and structures that welcome and value the talents and time of families.

A volunteer is not only someone who comes to school during the school day, but also anyone who supports school goals and children's learning and development in any way, at any place, and at any time.

Effective PracticesQuick Tips / Effective Practices

The sample practices listed below focus on increasing volunteerism. Click on the self assessment and resources/recursos for tools and additional practices in each module.

  • Use the survey included in resources/recursos to gather parent and family volunteer information including skills and talents. Provide opportunities for those who are able to volunteer during the day, those who are able to volunteer on a regular basis and those who can participate occasionally. Be sure to follow up with volunteers on a timely basis.
  • Provide initial and ongoing training and guidance to volunteers. Provide a consistent place and process for parent volunteers to sign in and list the hours they serve.
  • Seek and use input from volunteers regarding school climate, program structures, or other target areas.
  • Regularly show appreciation for parent participation and contributions by providing certificates, luncheons, or recognition on marquees, Web sites, and/or newsletters.
  • Provide information about volunteer opportunities in a variety of ways including mail outs, Web sites, emails, events, newsletters, phone trees, digital, or other forms of communication.
  • Engage in the professional development opportunities throughout this module including a self assessment, effective practices, research, resources in English and Spanish, videos, and links to NM Teacher Competencies for Teachers.