Enhancing Student Learning

Enhancing Student Learning

This module provides tools and resources for teachers to use while partnering with families to enhance student learning and success. It provides information and ideas to support partnerships with families on student homework, curriculum-related activities, academic decisions, and long term planning. The integration of language and culture of students into instruction, and the New Mexico Standards are highlighted as well as ways to share them with families.

Additional Worth-a-Clicks

Worth a ClicksWorth a Clicks

Connect with Kids


The site includes a Parent Involvement in Education topic page for ideas on how to be an active participant in your child’s education, as well as tips and tools for becoming a more effective advocate.

CRESST Parent Page


A click here takes families to a site with everything from subject-area printables to both expert and peer advice on such topics as whether to retain your student.

Enhancing Student Learning - Intellectual Social and Emotional Integration


Information for teachers on holistic learning and integrating the intellectual, social and emotional elements of student learning is included in this site.

Enhancing Student Learning through Cooperative Learning


This site includes tips for using cooperative learning groups in the classroom to enhance learning.

Family Education Network


Broken down by age and grade level, this site has a treasure trove of learning activities to do with children. It has special sections on issues such as retention and school safety.

Free Resources for Parents and Educators from Escapade Direct


This site has lots of free resources that are described as ―ideas to open kids' minds. Recipes, contests, creative play ideas, daily escapades (an activity for every day of the year), educational links, printables and way more! Also has links to educational games, toys and kits.

Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences and Education


This web page is designed for teachers to explore the theory of multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, descriptions of each of the intelligences and helpful links are also found here. Another good site on the theory of multiple Intelligences is Walter McKenzie’s surfaquarium at http:/surfaquarium.com

Media Wise


For families concerned about media, this site offers many facts, tips, research, reviews of video games and movies, as well as a quick quiz to find out about media use.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


A site for exploring hands-on virtual math manipulatives to help students strengthen mathematical concepts (from Utah State Library). The site includes manipulative activities for Pre-K through 12th grade in Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, measurement and Data Analysis and Probability.

National Education Association


This site offers information on parent-teacher conferences, understanding testing, getting involved.

Native American Lore


This site includes an index of Native American Stories from across the nation.

Reading Rockets


Reading is a critical skill for everyone. From the moment a child is born, there are simple things the parent can do to help him or her become a good reader. This site also includes signs to watch for that may indicate that a child may have trouble learning to read, so you can get him or her help early. It offers a step-by-step guide to what parents can do to raise a reader.

A page titled For Families includes the following topics:

  • Build your child’s early reading skills at home
  • Recognize early signs of trouble
  • Tap into the power of a high-quality preschool
  • Find good schools and good teachers
  • Know when your child is struggling in school
  • Get extra help through tutoring
  • Stand up for your child
  • Get extra help through special education

Teaching Diverse Learners


Resources for the diverse classroom are the focus on this site. You will find tools for everything from elementary literacy, practical teaching and learning strategies and assessment to fostering family involvement and cultural awareness.

TIPS - Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork


This web site offers an overview and research supporting interactive homework and blank templates to use in designing activities. There are a wealth of resources for the teacher who wants to promote interaction around school subjects.

Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students


This is a resource from the North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL) which includes information on using technology to provide meaningful learning experiences while challenging children.