Enhancing Student Learning

Enhancing Student Learning

This module provides tools and resources for teachers to use while partnering with families to enhance student learning and success. It provides information and ideas to support partnerships with families on student homework, curriculum-related activities, academic decisions, and long term planning. The integration of language and culture of students into instruction, and the New Mexico Standards are highlighted as well as ways to share them with families.

Key Findings

Research ShowsResearch Shows

Research reinforces the idea that valuing and supporting parents as key figures in their children’s learning often provides the following benefits (Epstein et al., 2002).

Results For Students:
  • Improvement in skills, abilities and completion of homework
  • Development of positive attitudes toward school and self
  • Cultivation of academic identity
Results For Families:
  • Improvement of communication with children
  • Increase in understanding of school requirements
  • Increase awareness of student expectations based on New Mexico Content Standards
  • Improvement of communication with teachers and principals
Results For Teachers:
  • Engagement of families in homework assignments
  • Recognition of the many ways in which ALL parents can motivate and reinforce student learning
  • Improvement of communication with families
  • Increased value of student’s home language and culture
  • Engagement of parents as partners in the education of their children