Collaborating with the Community

Collaborating with the Community

This module provides tools and resources to measure and improve family and community collaboration within your school community. Engaging community members, businesses, and organizations as partners in children's education can improve learning communities through benefits such as expanded learning opportunities, broad-based support for increased school funding, and quality after school programs.

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Integrating Community Partners into the School or Classroom


Look at the Community Partners list below. Use this tool to think about how you can engage some of these partners in your classroom or school.

Types of Community Partners Examples: Plan to Integrate
Businesses and Corporations Local businesses, national corporations and franchises  
Universities and Educational Institutions Colleges, universities, high schools and other educational institution  
Health Care Organizations Hospitals, health care centers, mental health facilities, health departments, health foundations and associations  
Government and Military Agencies Fire departments, police departments, city councils, other local and state government agencies and departments  
Faith-Based Organizations Churches, mosques, synagogues, other religious organizations and charities  
Senior Citizen Organizations Nursing homes, senior volunteer and service organizations  
Cultural and Recreational Institutions Zoos, museums, libraries and recreational centers