Collaborating with the Community

Collaborating with the Community

This module provides tools and resources to measure and improve family and community collaboration within your school community. Engaging community members, businesses, and organizations as partners in children's education can improve learning communities through benefits such as expanded learning opportunities, broad-based support for increased school funding, and quality after school programs.

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Community Involvement


Use this tool to create a plan for working with community mentors.  

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an often repeated phrase because it is so relevant to what is necessary to help our children and students become all that they can be. The community is an important component of developing a comprehensive career guidance program. Community does not necessarily mean just large and small businesses;

it can also include local service and faith-based organizations, business groups, non-profit groups and other educational institutions.  

Guidelines for working with community partners:  

                 Follow up on contacts with potential partners  

                 Follow up on offers from community members to provide services to schools  

                 Prepare agendas for meetings and adhere to them as closely as possible  

                 Be cautious in asking potential partners for financial assistance  

                 Be sincere when you ask for advice and respond to suggestions


Examples of Community Involvement Activities

        Assist with student apprenticeship program

        Career intern sites

        Career days/career fairs


        Guest speakers for classes

        Part-time employment

        Provide input into course offerings and/or curriculum

        Mock interviews

        College alumni presentations

        Evaluate practice employment applications

        Teacher “externships”

        Review and advise on student resumes

        Field trips

        Provide printed materials/audio visual material on careers, training or the corporation

        Job shadow sites

        Participate in career symposium programs

        Assist with career information interviews



Adapted from New Mexico Public Education Department, Career Technical and Workforce Education Bureau (2005)