Drawing from the Well

Chapter Seven Supporting the Growth
Checklist for Final Follow-up of Details

Setting the Stage:

We hope you've taken some time to congratulate yourselves for the good work you've produced. Additionally, we hope you'll take the opportunity to end the project with the maximum benefit for the students, school and community. Here is a checklist of ideas to incorporate into your completion of this year's Drawing from the Well program.

Checklist for Completion

Description of Task Who's Responsible Completion Date
Make copies of teacher and student evaluations. Give them to your principal, Director of Curriculum, Superintendent and/or school board representative.    
Make copies of all publications, audio and video programs for the school library.    
Write thank you notes to those who volunteered their time for the project, i.e.: interviewees, parents, local business people, school staff, guest speakers, institutions.    
Debrief with key players in this year's Drawing from the Well and decide if and how you would like to proceed with next year's classes. Would other teachers like to become collaborators?    
Set-up schedules and contact support for next year's Drawing from the Well program.