Drawing from the Well

Chapter Seven Supporting the Growth
Lesson One - Assessment and Final Evaluation

Setting the Stage:

To maximize learning, students and teachers will benefit by assessing what has been accomplished and how students' performance has progressed. We suggest you utilize the post questionnaire and the rubrics, found in the Appendix/Methods of Evaluation, to assess the growth of students and the success of the program.

Here is a list of the assessment tools, available for reprint from the Appendix:

  • Teamwork Report Rubric
  • Narrative Rubric
  • Interview Rubric
  • Audio or Video Tape Rubric
  • Oral Presentation Rubric
  • Rubric for the Final Exhibition Portfolio
  • Portfolio Reflection and Final Narrative Reflection
  • Reflecting on Your Writing and Reflecting on Your Speaking
  • Post Questionnaires for Students and Teachers

Please feel free to adapt the evaluation forms, as you deem useful. And consider sending your revisions to us. We'd love to hear your comments. (To reach the designers of this program go to the Contact Information page in the Appendix.)