Drawing from the Well

How to use the Drawing from the Well Curriculum guide:

This curriculum is divided into five distinct and cumulative segments:

  1. Choosing and Learning about the focus of study (Chapters One and Two)
    1. Choosing an Essential Question—Webbing exercise
    2. Writing and Technology exercises
    3. Group and Teamwork development
    4. Portfolio and Assessment practices
    5. Research and Accessing community resources
  2. Conducting community research (Chapter Three)
    1. Interviewing community and family members
    2. Writing reflection pieces
  3. Reviewing and organizing your material (Chapter Four)
  4. Creating your final project and presenting the work (Chapters Five and Six)
  5. Assessment, Evaluation and Follow-up (Chapter Seven)

Each lesson is divided into the following categories:

  • Setting the Stage
  • Goals
  • Objectives (with New Mexico Standards and Benchmarks listed)
  • Materials and Resources Needed
  • Duration
  • Activities
  • Assessment

The lessons build upon each other; choose the ones that suit your needs. THE GOLDEN RULE IS TO MAKE THIS CURRICULUM WORK FOR YOU.

REMEMBER THE BENEFITS: Students will experience:

  • an initial sense of wonder and engagement
  • the practice of technology, writing, inquiry and research
  • the power of conducting community interviews and developing new relationships
  • the reward that comes from the production and presentation of one's own artistic expression
  • the gratification and self-confidence gleaned from addressing one's own family, peers and public
  • their own unique connection to their community

REMEMBER THE CHALLENGES: We are aware that, in general, school systems are not set up to accommodate this kind of learning and teaching. Initially this program will require more of your time because certain logistics, like scheduling and coordination with staff, become more complicated. Yet we believe that once you work out the kinks, you will be exhilarated by the excitement and engagement students can bring to their own education.