A Teachers’ and Administrators’ Guide to Engaging Parents and Families in the Common Core State Standards

Family engagement and partnerships between schools, families, and communities are critical to the success of students in meeting the CCSS. As you implement the common core state standards in schools, a critical aspect as always, is to build engagement programs that include policies and practices that are rooted in the value of mutual respect, trust, courtesy, and focus on what families, schools, and communities can do together to support student success.

These videos, brochures and the Toolkit Resource pages for students and parents are especially useful in sharing information through parent-teacher conferences, workshops, family centers, sports events, newsletters, school events, websites, etc.

Informative brochures are available in English and Spanish through the following links:

National PTA Parent’s Guide to Student Success K-12

The pamphlets are available in Spanish and English and provide an overview of what children will learn by the end of each grade in mathematics and English language arts. They also include specific parent tips, vocabulary, and questions to use with your children and their teachers at each grade level.

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics

These publications are available online and for printing in English and Spanish. The Council of the Great City Schools developed these guides by grade level to provide guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning, K-12.



Some key websites with videos and more information are included below:


Tips for Teachers  

  • Do your part to inform students and parents about the standards and what they can do to support student success.

  • Ask parents for input and ideas for how schools and families can work together to support student success.

  • Engage parents in homework assignments through age-level appropriate strategies.

  • Make parent brochures and pamphlets on CCSS available to parents for the grade levels you teach.


Tips for Administrators  

  • Ensure family friendly school policies and practices.

  • Support the establishment and maintenance of an active school-based family center where relevant information, parent education and social activities can take place.

  • Maintain an updated and user friendly school website with information about the CCSS.

  • Ensure that students, teachers, and families have access to rich resources that allow for opportunities to read, write, talk, and listen.