A Guide to Standards-Based Education in New Mexico



The Ben Lujan and Public Policy Institute is developing effective resources to help teachers, school staff, leaders, students, and families make the necessary shifts to the Common Core State Standards.

Use the resources found here and/or contact us regarding customized professional development and support services available for working with teachers, school staff, families, and community partners.



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This publication is dedicated to Speaker Ben Lujan, 1935-2012. He grew up in the Nambe Valley of northern New Mexico where his family still resides near the acequia and cottonwood tree that symbolize the deep cultural and traditional roots that defined his set of core values. As Speaker of the NM House of Representatives, Ben Lujan advocated for quality educational programs throughout the state and nation and has long been a strong supporter of the work of CESDP.

The Ben Lujan Leadership and Public Policy Institute was designed by the speaker to support leadership opportunities for college students in northern New Mexico. The Speaker Ben Lujan Scholarship Fund was established to raise funds to support college costs for students in the EspaƱola Valley.