cesdpStudents with Disabilities students eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) must be challenged to excel within the general curriculum, and be prepared for success in their post-school lives, including college and/or careers.

How the CCSS are implemented and assessed is of utmost importance in reaching the diverse group of students in special education programs. Promoting a culture of high expectation for all students is a fundamental goal of the CCSS.

In order to participate with success in the general curriculum, students with disabilities , as appropriate may be provided additional supports and services, such as:

  • Instructional supports for learning which foster student engagement by presenting information in a variety of ways and allowing for diverse paths of action and expression.

  • Instructional accommodations or changes in materials and plans which do not change the standards but allow students to learn within the framework of the CCSS.

  • Assistive technology devices to ensure access to the general education curriculum, instruction and assessment aligned to the CCSS.

Some student with the most significant cognitive disabilities will require substantial supports and accommodations to have meaningful access to certain standards in both instruction and assessment, based on their communication and academic needs.

The draft PARCC Accommodations Manual is a comprehensive policy document that will support local educators in the selection, administration, and evaluation of accommodations for the assessment of students with disabilities (SWDs) and English learners (EL) on the PARCC End-of-Year, Performance-Based, and Mid-Year assessment components.

The draft PARCC Accommodations Manual includes many proposed accommodations policies that are currently in use across PARCC states. The draft PARCC Accommodations Manual includes not only proposed participation and accommodations policies for SWDs and ELs, but also information about tools that will be provided through PARCC’s computer-based assessment delivery system for all students to optimize their performance on the assessments. Parcconline.org

Effective supports and accommodations should ensure that all students receive access to multiple means of learning and opportunities to demonstrate knowledge within the rigor and high expectations of the Common Core State Standards.

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