Supporting School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Back to School Family Institute and Youth Leadership Institute

  • The 21st Annual Institute is planned for Nov 8-9, 2012 at the Hilton at Buffalo Thunder in Pjoaque, New Mexico.
    The Institute aims to provide resources, support youth and parent leadership, create partnerships that can improve school programs and climate, and influence policies that affect parental involvement programs across the state.
    Target Area: Statewide

Title I Partnership Project

  • The project was funded by the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) Rural Education and Title I Bureaus and included professional learning, parent development, and Title I parental involvement policy and implementation requirements.
    Target Districts: Carrizozo, Gadsden, Des Moines, Floyd, Mesa Vista & Peñasco

School, Family, and Community Partnerships Initiativetoolkit.jpg

Working Together: School, Family, and Community Partnerships -

A Toolkit for New Mexico School Communities

  • The Toolkit was developed by CESDP and supported by the NM PED, Rural Education Bureau. It is designed as a resource to support the development of partnerships with the ultimate goal of helping all children and youth succeed in school and in life.
    Target Area: Statewide

Partnership with New Mexico Parent Teacher Association (NMPTA)

  • CESDP is working in collaboration the NMPTA on several initiatives aimed at building parent leadership and building school, family, and community partnerships.
    Target Area: Statewide

National Network of Partnerships Schools (NNPS) - John Hopkins University

  • CESDP is member of the NNPS. The NNPS provides a research-based framework to plan and conduct comprehensive partnership programs.NNPS Logo
    Participants: Educators, Families,Administrators, Communities,  State and Federal Leaders, Parents, Students, Professional Learning Facilitators and Business Communities
    Target Area: Statewide

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